Mineral Industry Museum of Akita University
Exibited Rock starting with 'H' total 21

00892 Hornblend Biotite Gneiss Fr S4 c209
00893 Hornblende Gneiss Fr S4 c209
00894 Hornblende Gneiss Fr S4 c209
00896 Hornblende Gneiss Fr S4 c209
00948 Hornfels Fr S4 c209
01037 Biotite Hornblende Fr S3 c205
01050 Hornblende gabbro Fr S3 c205
01053 Hornblende Gabbro Fr S3 c205
01059 Harzburgite Fr S2 c203
11785 Higami Granite Fr S6 c224
11795 Hornblende Dionite Fr S 4 cB2
11819 Hornblende Audesite Fr S 4 cB3
11843 Hard Mudstone Fr S5 c213
11862 Hard mudstone Fr S5 c213
11868 Hornblende Hypersthene,Augite Andesite Fr S 5 cB7
11930 Hornblendite Fr S2 c203
13497 Hyaloclastite Fr S5 c223
13498 Hyaloclastite Fr S 8 cD2
13583 Hornblende Audesite Fr S3 c207
13893 Haleflinta Fr S5 c211
19608 Hornblende gabbro Fr S3 205

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