Mineral Industry Museum of Akita University
Exibited Rock starting with 'O' total 13

00078 Obsidian Fr S6 c225
00939 Ottorelite Schist Fr S4 c209
00996 Oil Shale Fr S5 c213
01052 Olivine Gabbro Fr S3 c205
01060 Ophicalcite Fr S5 c211
01061 Ophicalcite Fr S5 c211
01383 Oolitic Tufa (Dolitic Sinter) Fr S6 c225
05461 Orthoclasite Fr S 8 148
13581 Olivinedorelite Fr S3 c207
13892 Orthogneiss Fr S4 c209
14316 Orbicular Gabbro Fr S3 c216
14336 Oil sand Fr S5 c212
19657 Oolite Fr S8 309

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