Mineral Industry Museum of Akita University
Exibited Fossil starting with 'L' total 15

01235 Lycoptera dovidi Fr S11 c244
01251 Lapidodendron Fr S10 c241
01255 Loxonema sp. Fr S 2 cA4
01262 Lobatannularia sinensis Fr S10 c241
01291 Lingula davissi Fr S10 c240
01308 Limestone Fr S10 c238
05539 Lycoptera dovidi Fr S11 c244
11833 Liquidambar formosana HANCE Fr S8 c229
11835 Liquidambar mioformosana TANAI.Metasequoia occidentalis NEWBERRY CHANEY Fr lis NEWBERRY CHANEY S12 c250
11866 Lycoptera dovidi Fr S8 c229
11901 Linthia nipponica YOSIWARA Fr S8 c231
11908 Lignite Fr S8 c231
18793 Lapidodendron aculeatum Fr S10 241
18804 Lituites sp. Fr S10 235
19042 Lycoptera dovidi Fr S11 244

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