Mineral Industry Museum of Akita University
Exibited Fossil starting with 'O' total 16

01156 Oxyrhina sp. Fr S12 c249
01200 Ostrea gravitesta Fr S12 c247
01220 Ostrea gigas THUBERG Fr S11 c243
01232 Onychiopsis elongata Fr S12 c246
01271 Orthoceras sp. Fr S10 c235
01294 Ogygia buchii Fr S11 c239
01295 Orthoceras sp. Fr S10 c240
01296 Orthis Fr S10 c240
01301 Orthis Fr S10 c240
01306 Omphima sp. Fr S 1 cA2
11839 Opachimarina Fr S8 c229
11859 Ostrea gigas THUBERG Fr S12 c247
13944 Orthoceras sp. Fr S10 c240
13945 Orthoceras sp. Fr S10 240
14053 Oolite Fr S12 c245
18803 Ogigia Fr S11 239

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