Mineral Industry Museum of Akita University
Exibited Other starting with 'C' total 20

01448 Crude Oil Fr S 6 t5A
01506 Cap Lamp Fr S11 312
01512 Air coal Pick Fr S3
01518 Chute for underground (Model) Fr S4 t
01548 Core Tube Fr S5 c304
01551 Core bits Fr S5 c304
01562 Casing Shoe Fr S
01565 Core Tube Fr S15 cXL
05701 Crucible Fr S15 cXN
11671 Candle stick Fr S11 c312
11711 Chisel Fr S4 c
12055 Tokoziri Copper Fr S5 c4A
14009 Cement sample Fr S7 cF
14235 Copper refinement Materials Middle article and Product Fr ct S1 305
14242 Copper elongation rolling product Fr S
14243 Copper elongation rolling product Fr S
19283 Model of cone crusher Fr S2 109
19512 Akita tsuba sen(local copper coin Akita area Fr S2 110
19650 Coke Fr S1
19659 Crude Oil(khafji oil field) Fr S7 308

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