Mineral Industry Museum of Akita University
Exibited Other starting with 'U' total 14

01118 Corrugated Undulation in Crystallie Schi 2 Floor S 3 cAD
01494 Structure model of underground mine 3 Floor S4 tY5
01495 Underground model of Japan Coal mine 3 Floor S2 tY4
01516 Ultra Hard Metal Bit 2 Floor S15 cXM
01520 Under grand Support Model ( Level Branch 3 Floor S4 tY6
01522 Underground roadway Support Model Wood piling and Stones piling 3 Floor S4 tY7
01523 Underground roadway Support Model 5maiGasshoWaku 3 Floor S4 tYA
01524 Underground roadway Support Model Rail ssupprt 3 Floor S4 tY6
01525 Models of th drift support system 3 Floor S4
01527 Underground roadway Support Model(concrete block Frame) 3 Floor S4 tYB
01528 Underground road Support Model Steel reinforced concrete winding 3 Floor S4 tYB
01529 Underground road Support Model(8 sheet Gassho Frame) 3 Floor S4 tYA
01530 Underground road Support Model(Ichihasira and yokogi) 3 Floor S4 tYA
13231 Underground Illuminator 2 Floor S14 cXH

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