Mineral Industry Museum of Akita University
Exibited Other starting with 'U' total 14

01118 Corrugated Undulation in Crystallie Schi Fr S 3 cAD
01494 Structure model of underground mine Fr S4 tY5
01495 Underground model of Japan Coal mine Fr S2 tY4
01516 Ultra Hard Metal Bit Fr S15 cXM
01520 Under grand Support Model ( Level Branch Fr S4 tY6
01522 Underground roadway Support Model Wood piling and Stones piling Fr ones piling S4 tY7
01523 Underground roadway Support Model 5maiGasshoWaku Fr S4 tYA
01524 Underground roadway Support Model Rail ssupprt Fr S4 tY6
01525 Models of th drift support system Fr S4
01527 Underground roadway Support Model(concrete block Frame) Fr me) S4 tYB
01528 Underground road Support Model Steel reinforced concrete winding Fr rete winding S4 tYB
01529 Underground road Support Model(8 sheet Gassho Frame) Fr S4 tYA
01530 Underground road Support Model(Ichihasira and yokogi) Fr ) S4 tYA
13231 Underground Illuminator Fr S14 cXH

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